FTM Script (sample scene)


Clothes/costumes are strewn around Timothy’s area of the stage. He is at home, in the present.


I’m Five! It’s my birthday. “Mummy, can I have a sex-change?”
(The voice of Jean) “Well…I don’t know…I’ve heard that you can change from a man to a lady, but I don’t think you can do it the other way around.”
For my eleventh birthday, I had a party. My grandmother made me three cakes—two with whipped cream and almonds, and a chocolate cake as well. I ate a lot around this time. My breasts had started growing. “I can’t run around without a top at the seaside anymore—and Fred, at the corner store—he’s stopped calling me ‘Sonny’. I have no control over what’s happening to my body, and not only that, but because I’m looking more like a girl, people are treating me differently and it makes me really uncomfortable. I told this to a friend of my mum’s and you know what she said? “A lot of girls feel anxious when their bodies start to change and in time you’ll learn to love being female.” She wasn’t wrong.
At twelve my family emigrated here and it was a perfect opportunity for me to become a whole new person. And I didn’t have to wear school uniform. I could wear pants. I had my first crush. Well crushes—they were twins. Eventually it was just Diane. Wherever she was, that’s where I wanted to be…so I tried to fit in and be popular, but I didn’t have a clue about being a girl.
“It’s like being from another planet…people think I’m from here because the package looks right, but really I’m scrambling to learn the language for fear they'll find out I’m an impostor. My hair is down to my shoulders. Sometimes I have it in pigtails. Diane has her hair in pigtails, and she looks nice. She wears pastel blouses and so do I. I’m a two-way mirror. I can look out but no one can see in. And people say to me ‘You’re such a nice girl!’”
At nineteen I came out as a lesbian. “This is it! This must be why I’ve felt this way. Maybe I don’t feel like I’m a guy. Maybe it’s because I want to love women. It’s 1977, my hair is cut short, and I’m wearing a plaid shirt, vest and jeans. I like my woman’s body and I even don’t mind my breasts that much” I explored every corner of that world for fifteen years. And that was enough. See, when I was really young, being a guy wasn't so I could be with girls. As far back as I remember my fantasies were about having sex with other guys. And now that I am one, that’s what I want.